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Company history

1982 - Foundation of KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE GmbH and ABV Bedachung und Bautenschutz GmbH, roofing, construction of façades and halls in Aurich, Germany by Johann J. Köster.
1987 - Foundation of HeBeKo Plastic GmbH & Co. KG, that later became the KÖSTER thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes production facility.
1988 - Relocation of KÖSTER’s headquarters to Dieselstraße in Aurich, Germany.
1992 - Construction of a new manufacturing facility for powder products in Aurich, Germany.
1992 - Foundation of KOSTER American Corp. USA in Virginia Beach, for USA and Canada.
1992 - Foundation of KÖSTER Afdichtingssystemen B.V., for the Netherlands and Benelux.
1993 - Foundation of KÖSTER YAPI KIMYASALLARI, Istanbul, Türkei.
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1995 - Enlargement of Liquid Products Production Plant in Aurich, Germany
2000 - Foundation of KÖSTER Aquatecnic for UK and Ireland
2004 - Foundation of KÖSTER Polska Sp.z.o.o. for Poland and Ukraine.
2004 - Foundation of KÖSTER Bulgaria Ltd for Bulgaria
2006 - Foundation of Beijing KÖSTER International Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing, China.
2006 - Foundation of KÖSTER Japan Corp., Yokohama, Japan.
2007 - Dr. Dieter Köster assumes the general directorship of the company and he is appointed Managing Director of KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG.
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2009 - Foundation of KÖSTER IMP Lda for Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.
2014 - Expansion and construction of a new manufacturing facilities in KÖSTER USA.
2016 - The founder and owner of KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG, Johann J. Köster, switch over to the Supervisory Board, and his brother, Dr. Dieter Köster, appointed as Chairman of the Management Board.
2017 - Construction of a new powder plant in KÖSTER USA.
2018 - Inauguration of the new KÖSTER logistics center in Aurich.
2022 - Dr. Hugo Torres becoming new member of the board.
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